Covering your House of Worship

Churches are your house of worship. Your religious organization is usually the center of faith and community life. We want to help you make sure that your house of worship is adequately protected if a disaster happens. Houses of worship have specific needs and coverage particular to their type of activities.
Typically, there are several coverage are available, we can customize a policy that best fits your needs: (see below):
Property Coverage – coverage for Church Buildings, chapel, fellowship hall, classrooms, and other structures (like exterior Signs and Monuments).
Business Personal property- such as office equipment, computers and pews
Equipment Breakdown- coverage for damage to your covered property that is caused by mechanical breakdown of covered equipment or loss of power from a storm.
Liability- this covers you for damage caused by property damage; personal and advertising injury due to activities involving your religious activities
Employee Dishonesty- coverage for a loss to business personal property (that can include securities and/ or money) that is a result of dishonest acts committed by employees.
Back up sewer or drain, accidental physical loss to business personal property caused by a covered back up of sewers and drains inside your covered building
Money and Securities- coverage for loss of business money and securities caused by theft, disappearance or destruction from covered premise, a bank or savings institution, while being conveyed
Valuable Papers and Records-this type of coverage is for cost to research, restore or replace records or papers and the lost information
*Directors and Officers Liability
* Pastoral Liability
Please note the above are general descriptions of different types of coverage that may be available.
For further information, please give us a call to discuss the best coverage available.