Is your most valuable asset protected?

For most people, their home is their most valuable possession and biggest investment. We are a family owned independent insurance agency, which allows us access to several Homeowners companies. We can find the company that best fits your coverage needs. The best way to protect your home is through a Homeowners HO3 policy. A Homeowners HO3 policy provides insurance for single-family, townhouses, or duplex homes that are owner occupied. Most HO3 policies provide insurance related to most perils, i.e. fire, lightning and theft.
Additional coverage comes included for:
* Personal Liability coverage and medical payments to others
*Loss of use ,if you home can’t be occupied during the repair of a covered claim
*Personal Property and valuables
*Coverage on other structures
The HO3 policy typically insures your home and attached structures, like your garage or deck, as well as your belongings and your personal liability if you accidentally injure someone or damage their property. Remember, what you are or are not covered for will depend upon the specific policy you have purchased. It is very important that you go over all available coverage offered and the coverage that you select. Generally, Floods and Earthquakes are not covered in your HO3 policy. In Florida sinkhole coverage may be available for your property.
Do you own a Residence that you rent out to others? If you are a Landlord and you own a single family or duplex home and you rent it out, then the DP 3 Dwelling policy is designed for you and includes:
*Loss of Rents
*Other Structures
*Personal Liability and Medical payments to others
As a Landlord do you know if your Tenant has Insurance?

As your insurance agent we can help you define the amount of coverage and options appropriate to your individual situation. Our goal is to provide Consistent Customer Service to all of our clients. We look forward to assisting you with all of your insurance needs.