Getting Married? Having a Golf Tournament? Are you Covered?

Are you planning a Wedding, Family Reunion or Golf Tournament? Are you covered for the activities you are going to be hosting? Many venues require you to have special event insurance,
if you are having or participating in a special event, make sure you are covered.
Special Event coverage is designed to provide broad liability protection for situations in which an event holder or concessionaire must defend it self against or pay damages for bodily injury or property damage to third parties. The policy can protect the venue and or sponsors of the event by adding them as an additional insured to the policy.
There are many different types of special events. ,i.e. concerts; weddings; arts or craft shows or a Pub Crawl; fundraisers, etc. They can be a private event or a public event.
There are several limits of insurance coverage available. You can get General Liability coverage to provide for premises damage; medical payments and Liquor Liability coverage is available.
The important thing to remember is that many Special Events are unique and one of a kind events. When you obtain a Special Event policy you can protect yourself and have a great event.
There are over 500 special event types, let us get you the coverage the best fits your need. Please give us a call at our office, 941-484-4341.
Let us answer your questions regarding your event and get you a Special
event policy in place . You can ease your mind and enjoy your event!